Monday, September 7, 2009

Ready for take-off

Welcome to my first official blog post! Journalism never really was one of Matt's favorite pastimes, so I'm going to be the narrator from here on out. For those of you who aren't familiar with our situation, let me recap: my husband Matt is in the Marine Corps, and we've been living in gorgeous southern California for the past 2 years. In the past 7 months, Matt re-enlisted, switched jobs, graduated from a new school, and found out that they chose to move us to the island of Okinawa, Japan for 2-3 years - most likely 3. This island is only 67 miles long, which is only 17 more miles than my drive to work was! And only 2-17 miles wide! Crazy! So, I quit my job, sold both of our cars, shipped all of our belongings (including 37 clearly labeled boxes of shoes - all Matt's I tell you!) over to Japan on a ship, said goodbye to our friends, and turned in the keys to our house. I am jobless, car-less & homeless, and we are currently residing at my parents' house in suburban Chicago for the time being - we have been out here visiting with friends and family for the past 3 weeks. And that's the story in a nutshell!

At this time, I still miss CA very much - the sunsets, the ocean, the shopping, and all of the AMAZING, life-long friends we've made out there. And even though I am about to get onto a plane that is going to change my whole world in a matter of hours, I don't think I will ever stop missing CA. I appreciated it every single day that I lived there. Moving from my parents' Midwestern house in the suburbs of Chicago to the west coast was definitely the most inspiring, eye-opening, and life-changing thing I've ever experienced up until now.

After following along on some of my friends' blogs out in California, I decided to start PASSPORT as a way to share our experiences as we start a new life in Japan, as well as a great way for our friends and family to stay connected to us. Not many people get the chance to live in a totally foreign country and become world travelers. We have no idea what to expect or how our lives are going to change, but we are totally excited and invite you to follow along on our experiences as we embrace the culture on the other side of the world!


P.S. Please leave comments and/or send emails or Facebook - we are going to miss everyone!


  1. I love it! Can't wait to hear all about your experiences & adventures. We'll be sure to come visit you as soon as we can! CA misses you too!


  2. Thanks for being my first follower!

  3. Jolene and I are thinking about you as you cross the pacific to your new home in Okinawa. (yes I had to look up the spelling lol)Can't wait for our Gettys girls reunion in Japan!!! xoxo Miss you. Amanda & Jolene

  4. We are all praying for you and Matt! I hope you have a nice flight! Let us know when you get there!

  5. Hi Cortnie and Matt! What an exciting experience God has opened you two up to! I look forward to following your blog and hearing all about your adventures. I will keep you two in my prayers always. I wish we could have stayed in better touch, but life throws us all in many different directions. I'm living in Michigan now, back in school working towards Dental Hygiene so I can get into dental missions! Again, I'm excited for you two and will be praying for you. Tell Matt hello for me and hello to you as well :) My cousin and his wife have been in China for 4 years now and just signed on for 3 more! They love it!

    Much love,
    Alissa Wisen

  6. Hi! How are you? Glad to have heard you got there safely. Looking forward to you posting info on Japan and your experiences. What's it like? Miss you already! Praying God blesses your moments together as well as apart. Remember Phils 4:6-7. Hugs and lots of love! xo

  7. Cortnie,

    Hi! I'm Leanne's friend who lives in Indiana and we met a couple times, at yours and Andrea's wedding. I look forward to reading about your adventures. What a wonderful opportunity, to live in another country and experience such a different culture at your young age. One of my best friends grew up in an Army family and lived in Korea for several years and then Hawaii before they settled in St. Louis. She and her family share so many wonderful memories from their experiences abroad -- and they have a lot of really unique home decorations from around the world. She loved it!

    I'll keep you and Matt in my thoughts and prayers and look forward to reading about your adventures!

    Best Wishes,
    Loretta Smith

  8. Excellent reading, very entertaining, and I love the pictures. Love, Ma