Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nakagusuku Castle Ruins

In California, we had a lot of things right outside our doorstep - the local beach, the local mall, the local movie theater, etc. Here in Japan, we have our local castle ruins - Nakagusuku Castle Ruins to be specific. We found these ruins on our way home one day after driving around the island. We were on a winding road we'd never been on before, located directly under a cliff with the ruins located on the top. We decided to follow the road up the cliff to check it out, and it wasn't until leaving that we realized how close we were to our house (about a 5 minute drive)!

While we weren't able to read all of the signs, we did get the gist of things. We also got some great photos and saw some amazing views of Okinawa from that high up. The castle was on high ground (as castles should be), giving us great views of both the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It was also a little workout since we were pretty much hiking through the ruins.

On the walk up to the ruins

A snail friend we found

Looking out over the Pacific Ocean

What's left of some of the walls


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  1. Gorgeous! What wonderful experiences you have shared! (and now with us as well, visually at least!) Thanks! Hugs! xo