Monday, April 12, 2010

Round 1

For the longest time now, I thought Round 1 was a bowling alley. It isn't. It's a bowling alley plus SO MUCH MORE, and right down the street from our base in Ginowan City. Its a mega sport and game complex that is perfect for one of the many rainy or way-too-hot Okinawan days. Do you feel like hitting a few at the batting cages, having a round of mini-golf, playing some arcade games, or rollerskating? How about riding a mechanical bull? Or a mini-bike? Or maybe some slot pachinko, darts, pool, or karaoke in your own private room? How about just relaxing in a massage chair?? I think you get the point...

A couple weekends ago, Matt and I decided to meet a couple of our friends up at Round 1, because it was kind of a rainy Saturday. The building is huge and the 7 floors are hard to miss. An added bonus is that it is located right beside the Ginowan Marina on the East China Sea, so you get some really nice views of the ocean from the inside looking out. Besides the fact that I was sore all over for days and could barely walk without looking like I was disabled, I had a great time! The only thing I didn't get to really try was the rollerskating or mini-bikes, but we bought membership cards, so I'm sure we will be back again soon. Did I mention they have archery? Oh, and did I mention that I beat Matt at it?? ;)

I still don't really understand what Spo-Cha means, but that's what they call this type of game/sports place I think

The exterior

View of the Ginowan Marina

Inside one of the floors

Check out this video clip of the skating rink: And yes, those ARE full-grown men on mini-bikes, and there IS a Japanese person dressed up as a life-sized bowling pin.

Me playing the boxing game and practicing my numbers... Ich, Ni, San, Chi, Go!

Drink and soup machine on the Relaxation floor

Me in the relaxation room trying to figure out how to work the massage chair since the remote was all in kanji symbols

The open-air top floor that has mini-golf, archery, basketball, tennis and batting cages

There was a whole section of private rooms, although we weren't sure exactly what they were for or if they were free or not... this one was a "massage room"

A "stage room"

A "love room"???

The Pachinko and slot machine floor

Matt trying to win a stuffed animal in the claw game

Hello Kitty w/ a bunny on her head...

A claw game where you win ice cream as a prize!


Matt attempting to understand the point to their coin games

Check out this video clip of a crazy Japanese guy playing one of the games:

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  1. How fun! Congrats on your archery achievement!
    Matt was shocked with my archery skills when he was in boy scouts and I helped at camp. I got a bulls eye in archery and remember Matt being proud of his mom. (mind you he was probably in 3 or 4th grade.) At least it was something I could do well. What caused you all the soreness. Was it the accumulation of using muscles not reg used? Was it expensive? Thanks for another great blog! Hugs and love <3

  2. Thanks! I don't think it was too expensive... Matt would remember the cost better than me - its quite the popular place around here! Yes, I was extremely sore the next day, because I used a bunch of muscles I don't regularly use. Probably because I jumped around to all different sports - tennis, archery, baseball... I could hardly walk the next day! If we take you guys there when you are here to visit, I'm going to make sure to take it easy!