Saturday, June 26, 2010

Come Rain or Shine

Living in Okinawa during the "rainy season", we've been through some very bi-polar weather. It may be clear blue skies with steady sunshine one minute, and a raging downpour the next! One of these very days, Matt and I found ourselves starving and running for cover into a new cafe (well, new to us) called Cactus Cafe. The place is quite small, but really trendy and comfortable. The decor is incredibly eclectic, natural and the cafe definitely has a 60's feeling to it... this could be on account of the two long-haired guys that work behind the counter and give off a sort-of "Japanese hippie vibe"... just saying... Anyway, the cafe just exudes relaxation - maybe it was just the sound of the rain on the roof and the feeling of sinking into big comfy arm chairs to dry off and have something warm to eat, but I can't help but get a cozy feeling when I walk in.

The best part of the Cactus Cafe - did I forget to mention the food?? They serve the best warm, bagel sandwiches! You get to pick the type of sandwich and type of bagel you want it on, then they make it and deliver it to your table. The guys kind of take a while to make the sandwiches (sort of a part of the chill atmosphere), but they are totally worth it! We've been to the cafe twice now, and so far we've tried the BLT, the Grilled Chicken, the Salmon & Cream cheese, and the Prosciutto & Cheese!

Here are some photos from our second time to the cafe - the original photos happened to be on my iPhone that was taken awhile back, so I ended up losing those...

The hot sandwiches come individually wrapped in paper

This has become one of my favorite places to grab a bite in Okinawa - glad I could share it with you all:)


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