Thursday, September 9, 2010

And Then There Were Four: Don & Leanne's Visit to Okinawa (Days 7-9)

And if you thought there couldn't possibly be more to share from Don and Leanne's trip to Okinawa... you were wrong! Below are some highlights from our last few days together:

Us in front of the huge drum from the dinner show

Traditional Okinawan Eisa Drummers

Check out this video clip of the drummers:

The first Shisa Dog I've seen that's NOT made of concrete

Check out this video of the Shisa as it eats our camera and random babies:

Jet-ski day started off a little rainy, but quickly became gorgeous - the water was like glass!

Matt pulling Don & Leanne on the tube

Don going for a ride - he really held on for a looong time!

Okinawan cliffs @ Cape Zampa

Ocean caves

Don on one of the jet-ski's

Don & Leanne in front of one of our favorite restaurants on the island - Arin Krin (aka - the garlic house)

We had sooo many yummy things - the pizza, the spicy fries, even the radish salad was amazing!

Us at home;)

Playing games while waiting for our breakfast at Jakkepoes Pancake House

Yummiest pancakes EVER

Peace Prayer Park

War memorial museum - it was sad, but actually very well displayed and educational I thought

Don holding a canteen from the war that still has water in it today

This room had books to read that were full of eye-witness stories from the war - most of them were written in Kanji (Japanese symbols) but they had a few in English, and the stories we read were extremely sad

What a crazy family - I think we're scaring this woman behind us

Outside the museum

Unexploded Ordinance and etc. from WWII

Don & Leanne at the Cornerstone of Peace

I like turtles

Suicide Cliffs from the war

Ticket Restaurant - more amazing fried rice that cooks while you eat it

Goofing around at Jusco Mall on the last night

Matt with a poo hat on (yes, a poo hat)

Me as the birthday pimp

Do you like my new Anjolina Sunglasses Stand?? LOL

Check out this video clip of Matt demonstrating how to use the cool Japanese refrigerators:

Don finally found those treats he likes... all we know about them is that they have have a flying girl with a crown on the package, and they taste really good!

Leanne saying goodbye to Yogurtland and her favorite flavor - Toasted Coconut

We had an amazing time with you guys - thanks for such great memories! Love you!



  1. Thanks for the incredible memories! The picture I'm most impressed with is "Ocean Caves" knowing Don is standing on the rock and he looks like a tiny speck! The Peace Museum and suicide cliffs, the ingenious refrigerators and appliances...and I'd love to have some coconut frozen yogurt or some of the amazing radish salad. Love your blog! Love you! You left Illinois one year ago today! xo

  2. ...looking forward to your visit home!