Monday, October 18, 2010

Design Overhaul: Our Updated Home Decor

Yes, I used to be an Interior Designer back in the States.

No, I have found no design jobs available thus far in Okinawa to those of us who don't speak fluent Japanese.

And Yes, I have to get my creativity out somehow and have chosen to do so by attempting to make my government housing look less "government-housing-ish". That's definately a word.

As you may have heard if you read this blog (or talk to us at all!) my in-law's Don & Leanne visited us a couple months ago. Upon arriving at our apartment, we gave the usual tour, and Leanne was comparing the real-life thing to those videos I had posted on my blog back in December 2009. It then occured to me that I have done quite a bit of re-decorating since that post, and most of our friends and family really don't know what our place looks like now that it's finished. And since I love all things interior design (and I also like to play with our new Canon 7D:) I thought I would take some new shots to show you all. I hope you enjoy!


I don't have a jewelry box right now, so I have to get creative with it

We bought this bench here in Japan - its made of teak and leather and one of my favorite small peices



Living Room

Our photography wall

My favorite chair and pillow - love that Imperial Trellis;)

Have to have some ikat somewhere

Dining Room

Our chopstick collection has a new home

Gorgeous wine cabinet from Hong Kong

Our little Shisa Dogs from when we first got to Japan

I painted this myself;)



  1. ~WOW~
    GREAT JOB! Not only decorating, but photographing! I thought I'd comment on what was the most gorgeous, however, it all is! But, I especially appreciate "the office" or should I say our room =). Oh...I've never heard of ikat? And your bedroom mirror is very 'sharp'.
    You definitely have an eye...
    Hugs! Love you!

  2. please tell me this is going into your portfolio. excellent work, almost like a brochure. keep at it muscari and tell matt i say hi.

  3. Yes, these are simply something that should be a magazine!!! I was wondering the same thing, what is ikat? I love the wine rack and the bench! I can't wait for you to live back here! We could use your special skills! Love you.

  4. Beautifully decorated & photographed. Seems surreal to me that you actually "live" there, somewhere I've never been or seen. Love U.