Sunday, November 28, 2010

Marine Corps Ball 2010

November 10th, 1775. This date means something important to all Marines as it marks the birthday of the United States Marine Corps, the most prestigious and resilient fighting force in the world. This year, we celebrated the 235th birthday of the USMC in style at our 6th Marine Corps Birthday Ball. I may be biased on many subjects regarding the US Military, but the ball is not one of them - being in Okinawa, I have the opportunity to interact with spouses of all branches of the military. Some of my friends are Army, Navy and Air Force spouses, and I can tell you honestly, all of them wish they were married to a Marine - if only for the fabulous Birthday Balls! The other branches don't even compare in this arena - most of my friends don't even bother to go at all! The Marines have a very proud history, and just like they work hard, they like to play hard as well.

This year, I was lucky enough to get to see Matt actually in the ceremony. In fact, he wasn't just in the ceremony, but he was the one holding the American Flag and seemed to be leading the ceremony and even giving commands for marching - or at least he was leading the Color Guard Marines who were with him. It was definitely neat to see!

Matt in front of the Japanese, American & Marine Corps Flags

The enormous cake - first pieces are served to the oldest and youngest Marines present during the ceremony

Us in front of the cake

MACS-4 TDSM Shop Photo

Our professional shot


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  1. What do they serve for dinner? Did you get any pictures of the ceremony with Matt holding the U.S. Flag? You both look beautiful.