Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas Vacation Stateside

Matt and I were fortunate enough to be able to spend Christmas in Chicago with our families this year. Not only were we getting to meet our nephew, Chase, for the first time, but it was also our first time back in the States since moving to Japan 15 months ago. Most difficult things to deal with: the extreme cold, switching back to driving on the RIGHT side of the road, & how quickly time flew by. Is it just me, or does the phrase "vacation to the States" just sound weird?? I feel British. Here are some highlights of our trip - Enjoy!

My husband playing with Chase's toys shortly after meeting him for the first time

Is it wrong that THE FOOD is one of my top "pros" for moving back to Chicago?

I love this city

Best Pizza in the city - no, the world - Deep Dish Lou Malnatti's

My sister's apartment in MN... she got a little snow.

Sister road-trip with one of our favorite kitties

Such a good girl:)

Great pic with Aunt Cortnie & Uncle Matt

Wow, Uncle Matt is actually letting someone touch his hair!

Upside-down children after eating =

= Throwing up on Aunt Cortnie:) LOL

College girlfriends + baby

I'm obsessed with my friend Patricia's amazingly gorgeous nursery!

It's so "Patricia" - I love it!

From baby nursery to shooting range...

I got reprimanded for taking this photo

Color-coordinated friends... can you tell we were there until they kicked us out?

Some of my favorite girls on Christmas Eve

Chuck the cat

My cute parents

Christmas morning with Chase & Matt's parents

Yet another crazy cat - this is Phoenix enjoying her catnip Christmas ball

We really know how to pick gifts for kids - he loved it!

Not easy to get a good one, but we did it!
Incredibly surprised to be holding a Tiffany's box!
Matt's new toy

Downtown Chicago for the evening @ Lawry's Prime Rib


Million Dollar Quartet @ The Apollo Theater

Last day home - saying goodbye to our nephew, unsure of the next time we will get to see him:(

Goodbye USA - see you in 2012!

Family - we love & miss you all soooo much! Thank you for an amazing Christmas!


  1. Ohhh...such great memories. Your blog conveyed what's truly important! Family and friends - all wrapped around The Christ of Christmas, oc!
    Made me miss you more! Love you Dear Cortnie and Matt! xo <><

  2. Really great blog...covered everything with great pics and captions...miss you already!

  3. Thanks - we miss you all, too! Matt took that last pic outside your house on Christmas Mom - its good old Tacoma Drive!

  4. Agreed! You covered your trip home perfectly! I love seeing Chase with his Aunt & Uncle! Can't wait to see that again!