Monday, April 11, 2011

Do-ka Do-ka

There are few things better to do on a perfect 75 and sunny day than sit in a breezy restaurant enjoying a relaxing lunch with great friends while looking out over the ocean. That was Matt and I a couple weekends ago as Okinawa had its first truly gorgeous weekend of 2011. The guys had gone for 2 early morning dives, so I (along with my two girlfriends) met them up at an amazing little cafe for lunch near Onna. I don't remember exactly how to get there, but it seemed like we had just turned off a main road for about thirty seconds, and we were at this little place with a fantastic view of the East China Sea called Do-ka Do-ka.
While the cafe wasn't large at all, it seemed bigger than it actually was because of the tall ceilings and open patio that gave it a loft-like feel. Differing from most of the other places I've been in Okinawa, this placed seemed relatively newer with a "rustic meets industrial" feel with most of the materials being wood, concrete or metal. Half of the restaurant was a dining patio, while the other half displayed all types of different hand-made Okinawan ceramics for sale. It literally feels like you're up in a treehouse! My opinion is that Do-ka Do-ka Cafe isn't a very child-friendly restaurant for 2 reasons: 1 - all of the breakable ceramics that were placed at child-level (and weren't cheap btw!) and 2 - the patio railing was fairly open and a child could easily slip through it and fall. That's just my opinion if we happened to have children... which we don't... ;)

The entrance to Do-ka Do-ka

Traditional Japanese - no shoes allowed

The view from the dining area patio

3 Japanese girls at the cafe

The food was awesome! Matt and I shared a "Do-ka Do-ka" Pizza and some Taco Rice (very popular here in Okinawa). My purple drink was some kind of fruit juice that I had never heard of - it was very strong, sweet and delicious!

The ceramics area

My favorite Oki girls Amanda & Lyndsey:)

I LOVE finding new places to eat in Okinawa, and this day holds such great memories. We are so very blessed to have such wonderful friends to enjoy life in Japan with (even if the guys couldn't stop exagerating about the size of the sharks they had seen on their morning dive!)



  1. I want to go back...the food, view, and company were all amazing!

  2. Beautiful view on a gorgeous looking day!
    I like how you have kids in mind-wink!
    The ceramic pieces looked wonderful! Thankful you have great friends, as well!