Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend Sunflowers

I know I've been an absentee blogger for the past 7 weeks or so, and this is not because I've finally stopped blogging after 2 1/2 years straight.  It's because I've been so insanely busy at my current job that I haven't had much time to do my laundry, much less sit down and write.  I've been on a couple of trips for work lately, so I've also been off-island for a lot of the past 7 weeks.  The one weekend I did have between two of my trips, it was an absolutely gorgeous day outside, and Matt and I decided to get out and go see these Sunflower fields I had been hearing so much about lately.
The fields are only a few minutes from our base, and they provided some fun photos for us while we enjoyed simply being outside in the beautiful weather.  It's been cold and rainy here over the winter (not Chicago cold, though - I know I shouldn't complain!), so I was really glad to take advantage of such a pretty day.

Now that I'm back from work trips around the world, we will hopefully be getting out a little more and exploring parts of Okinawa that we haven't seen yet - YES, there are still some parts of it we have yet to discover!  So, stay tuned...;)

Thank you to all our family and friends for checking in and following us on here!  We love you!