Saturday, August 25, 2012

East Side Flavor

Although Okinawa is a relatively small place, each part of it has its own flavor.  The north has a lot of mountains.  The west has most of the popular dive locations.  The south (to me) is more historic, as this is where the majority of the battle during WWII was fought.  The central area where we live has all of the best shopping and restaurants.  And the east has a beautifully scenic drive down the coast as well as a few islands connected by bridges, all of which is relatively uninhabited compared to the rest of the island.   

We don't get out to the east side as much as we'd like, but the other weekend, Matt and I decided to get on our hiking shoes (even though my feet were still having traumatic flashbacks after climbing Fuji) and we drove out to the east side to explore parts of it we'd never been before.   

Here are some of the highlights of our day: 


Middle of a sugar cane field overlooking the Pacific

An old sugar factory that was destroyed during or shortly after WWII. Only the oven and smoke stack remains.

One thing you will usually always see on the east side of the island - some entertaining kite surfing!

Found a couple of fresh water springs

A video clip of Yanga (Yan Spring):

One of many giant Banana Spiders

Overlook on Miyagi Island

From here, you could see the whole island of Ikei
Matt wearing his Japanese sweat rag

Okinawan clay tile roof

Beach on Hamahiga Island

Torii gate stairs that end up at a cave shrine

A different kind of star fruit!

Until next time!


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