Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hacksaw Ridge

Living in Okinawa, with its turquoise blue waters and good food, you tend to forget that a MAJOR battle of World War II took place in this very place, a battle where so many Americans, Japanese, and Okinawan civilians lost their lives.  One of the historic spots on the island isn't too far from our house.  Called Hacksaw Ridge, it was the scene of one of the most difficult struggles for the Americans during the battle.  The terrain at Hacksaw was basically a cliff, riddled with secret tunnels dug by the Japanese soldiers.  The Americans were forced to attempt to scale the cliffs in order to take the ridge from the Japanese.  And this is still what Hacksaw Ridge looks like today, with the exception of the tunnels, which are mostly blocked off.   

Path on the top of the ridge

Overlooking home sweet Okinawa:)

Matt took me there a few weekends ago on a beautiful day, and I really enjoyed the history and the view.  It is insane to think that American soldiers were once attempting to climb up the cliff sides at the very place we were standing.  It is literally hard to imagine - even when you're there!   

A TON of tombs built into the side of the ridge

The top of this passageway was blown off during the war

One of the many tunnel openings that the Japanese used during the battle - I thought these were crazy to see!

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  1. Great history....and
    the tunnel openings ARE cool:)