Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ie Island Trip - Part 2

Our weekend on Ie Island didn't end there.  The next morning, we had breakfast at the resort and (although we were slightly sore from our previous day of riding around the island), we hopped back on our bikes for another day of sight-seeing.  The main goal was to climb the island's central mountain, Mt. Gusuku, but we also made a few other stop-off's during the day.  Here are a few photos from the day:

My husband, pushing both our bikes up the (steep!) first part of the mountain

Point we started climbing from

Ie Soda - made on Ie Island

Another place we stopped was the old pawn shop.  This is the only building that is still standing in the same condition it was left in after WWII.  You can see the thing is riddled with bullet holes of all sizes.  

It obviously took some hard hits during the war

Exhausted, we both took a nap on the beach until it was time for our ferry to leave

It was a tiring but really fun and relaxing Valentines weekend on Ie-jima.  Thanks for following along on our adventures!



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  2. Very cool. Did you taste the soda?