Wednesday, January 20, 2010


One of Matt's friends, Tony, is leaving the island soon and going back to the States. So, a bunch of us gathered together and went out for a "going away meal" at a new restaurant called Crocodile's. "New" meaning "new to us", not "new to the island". This is one of the coolest places to eat (at least in my opinion!) that we've found here so far. The place itself is very visually interesting. It has lights strung and lit up outside, an outdoor bar with pool table, indoor and outdoor seating, a tunnel as an entrance, a unique indoor "water window", a real, live crocodile, and the best part - fire dancers! I can't imagine going to Crocodile's during the day - the night just makes the place come alive.

The entrance

Inside after passing through the tunnel

The live crocodile - I think he hates his life:(

The croc's name was Coco... i guess?

Cool lights they had in the floor

The "water window" they had in the indoor dining area

A video clip of the live music and fire dancers:

Because much of their menu is seafood, the prices aren't the cheapest around, but the food was REALLY good! My favorite thing was actually our appetizer - Fried Crocodile! I'll admit, I didn't want to give it a try - I hear it's a pretty common food down south in places like Texas, but I'm from the Midwest, where we like to stick to your basic meats like beef and chicken. However, once it arrived at our table, it didn't look as scary as I had pictured in my mind. It was breaded. It didn't taste weird like I expected either. It was actually really good! I will definitely get it again! You might think Fried Crocodile was weird enough for one meal, but NO - Matt's friend Tony had to order the Scorpion. It looked just like a live scorpion sitting on a plate, and he devoured it in two bites! He says it is good. It just sounds crunchy and gross to me!


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  1. Oh no! Scorpion on a lettuce bed-Yuck! What a waste of lettuce. And now I feel bad for Coco the crocodile. Did he have any room to move around? Poor Guy if he's just stuck inside! But at least he's not the appetizer. Or will he be?