Saturday, January 30, 2010

Spelunking the Flats

For those of you who are not familiar with the term "spelunking", it is simply a funny word for "cave exploring". Matt had wanted to go on one last dive before he went over to Thailand, so he and our friend, Jason, had attempted to go diving at a really cool area called Maeda Flats. However, they had some difficulty getting in and ended up just exploring the area outside of the water. The next day, when sea conditions were much more calm, Matt and I (along with Jason and his wife, Andrea) went out to the same spot and went snorkeling and spelunking!

The first thing we did was snorkel out to the reef, which was different than what I've seen in Okinawa so far. There were not a ton of fish, but there were A LOT of sea urchins as well as a huge, deep crevice that we followed the whole way. In fact, the previous day, our friend Jason had lost his mask and snorkel when they had trouble diving, and Matt actually found it (still intact!) at the bottom of the crevice! How often do you loose something in the ocean and find it the next day? Not often I'd like to bet!

Video clip of the Flats:

Awesome little blue fish

One of many Sea Urchins

Rainbow fish (very technical name)

The huge crevice

Video clip swimming over the crevice:

A different kind of Sea Urchin

Maeda Flats is amazing! Not only is it gorgeous and has some great diving and snorkeling, it also has countless little caves to explore. A lot of them seem to be connected, not on the surface, but underwater. So, you can swim from one to the next through openings underneath... pretty neat! In addition to this, small "pools" are created at low tide that you can hop into and swim in just like you were in a swimming pool. They go at least 15 feet deep, so we were doing cannon balls into them, and Matt even climbed up the rocks and jumped in!

Video clip of inside one of the caves:

Video clip of Matt and Jason swimming through the caves underwater:

This is one of the "pools" that we were jumping into

Video clip of Jason and I jumping into the "pool":

Video clip of Matt jumping off rocks into the "pool":

Matt jumped in off the rocks multiple times

Some coral that stops growing right at the "low tide" water level

More Sea Urchins!

Me holding one

Maeda flats is somewhere we definitely can't wait to bring our friends or family that visit us here - you've got the beach, swimming, snorkeling, diving, and spelunking! Now, who's going to be the first to visit??



  1. Wow! Great pics and video. Love to hear you guys. Thanks and we are looking forward to visiting along with you! Hugs! xo

  2. Best blog yet Cort!! I had a blast there and can't wait to go again. I usually read your blogs and afterwards wish you put another picture or movie but you captured it quite well! The pictures turned out soooooo good we need to find a way to keep the water from beading off the camera lense on the underwater case so that when we come out of the water we still have a good shot. Maybe RAIN-X??? I love you see you in a couple weeks.

  3. I would LOVE! to come visit you guys!!!! You make it seem so awesome, and really explore the places around! Maybe after school gets out in May, sometime over summer if you wouldn't mind a visitor..! Love reading these!

  4. Thanks Ashley! Yeah, we are always up for visitors! I think Matt's parents will be our first guests when they come out in early summer this year:) Hope you're doing great!