Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Easily Amused

One thing that I enjoy about living in Japan is that it doesn't take much to amuse me here. There are so many things you see just by driving down the street that you would never see in America, many of which make me (literally) laugh out loud! Over the past months, Matt and I have snapped photos of these quirky things about Okinawa that have amused us, and today, I decided to combine a bunch of my favorites to share with everyone!

Japan has a much larger market for car air fresheners than we do in the US

An obnoxious-looking government vehicle

MEN'S Pocky - women not advised to eat this candy

What is this light trying to tell me?

Dancing family...

Who doesn't want to bedazzle their dashboard?!?

In Japan, Matt is a giant

There's NO reason why everyone can't be this creative with their vehicles!

Matt assured me that he was a pet

McPork... oh, Japan and your obsession with pigs!

Completely normal

Pig shoes, anyone?

Meow! You're adorable!

No, I will NOT pay almost $20 for a magnet that says "We Will Spread Beach Clean"!

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did! 'Till next time!


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  1. Thanks for the laugh...great captions! From Matt the giant to the pig shoes and "spread beach clean". Glad to know, as well, that the goat is a pet! From journalist and photographer and now comedian! Your great Cortnie! Hugs! xo