Sunday, August 29, 2010

And Then There Were Four: Don & Leanne's Visit to Okinawa (Days 4-6)

More highlights from Don and Leanne's adventurous visit to Okinawa!

Forest Adventure Park

All harnessed up

The flower of the week: HIBISCUS!

We put them through a lot - they kept up well!

Check out this video clip of Leanne zip-lining:

Just a little bit of a workout

Check out this video clip of Don zip-lining:

Me on one of the zip-lines

Leanne crossing one of the bridges

Matt at the top

Leanne mentally preparing to do the Tarzan Swing

Don doing the Tarzan Swing

This obstacle may look easy, but I think it was just as difficult as the Tarzan Swing!

Finish Line! Now let's go again! (And we did:)

Coconut milk out of a coconut

Delicious subs

I think we forgot to give Leanne the "yellow shirt" memo

Snorkeling at Maeda Flats

Sea Urchins

Leanne standing on some flat-top coral

Swimming in tide pools

These little guys were everywhere

Our favorite Ramen Noodle restaurant - much better than the kind in the Styrofoam cups!

Matt and I with our ice cream waffles - Leanne was holding out for some more Yogurtland:)

Playing pointless coin games at the SEGA Arcade

Don & Leanne get to experience the craziness that is the Japanese dashboard...Pink & Fuzzy & Carebears, oh my!

Cape Zampa Lighthouse

Don & Leanne overlooking the East China Sea

Matt showing his parents where he works (Futenma)

Cactus Cafe

Cocok's amazing pedicures

Is it possible to have too many nail design options??

Its almost impossible to choose!

Our toes!

Can't come to Okinawa without visiting PETBOX

I could tell Don really wanted to take this big beetle back home to Chicago, but Leanne wouldn't let him

Check out this video clip of the beetles for sale (a very common pet for Japanese children BTW):

More sushi & fried rice coming our way!

Thanks for following our adventures - I still have another post or two from Don & Leanne's trip (we just did SO much!)


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  1. I'm so excited to read all this. I had just commented at work that it was two weeks ago today we arrived much fun we had and that I wish we could do more with you. (A co-worker came over and commented on all the fun we had, seen through your wonderful blog! Thanks Dawn!) GREAT MEMORIES! Where do I begin! The Zip-lining, the pedicure, the...sooo much fun and the beetles were so disgusting. Snorkeling - well, I've got a world of memories from that experience to share-some to try and forget, as well. Love you guys! Thanks - THANKS for the Memories! xo