Saturday, August 7, 2010

Our New Baby

No, we did NOT just have a baby! And if we did, do you really think I would be telling our friends and family via Blogger??

Height: 5.5"
Weight: 5 lbs 3 oz
Color: Black
Mega pixels: 18
Name: Canon EOS 7D

If you haven't already figured it out from the stats (or the picture for that matter!) our new baby is our new professional DSLR camera, and we couldn't be happier! ;) We've been semi-stalking it for months in the store - sometimes we'd drop by the store just to see if its price was the same and say hi. This camera doesn't just take AMAZING photos (that we are planning on taking during our upcoming trip in November), but it also has something few DSLR's actually have - High Definition Video. While I'm more into the photography, Matt has been really into the videography lately. Because of all the amazing features and excellent quality this camera offers, it also offers up a pretty hefty price tag, but after months of checking for sales, talking to a store manager, and opening a store credit card to get 10% off our purchase, the Canon 7D is finally ours!

I cannot wait to take this guy out on our trip in November to Singapore, Cambodia and Vietnam - I know we are going to get some amazing shots and video footage of some incredible places! I've been told that this camera was even used to shoot a Snoop Dog music video... now, can your baby do all that??


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  2. ...this is a good investment for your talents.