Friday, February 11, 2011

Don't Rain on my Parade

Although the "rainy season" isn't technically here yet, we've sure been getting a lot of rain this past month! Today's post is short and sweet - since I've been stuck indoors a lot lately, there isn't much for me to report on beside posting some cool photos of the Okinawan rain showers. I think I've previously mentioned that we have some of the most *amazing* skies here in Japan - the clouds and colors are incredible, and I always kick myself if I don't have my camera on me around sunset time - God's handiwork at its finest! Here are a couple shots from one of our many "secluded" island rain showers - one of my favorite things:) Just because you're being rained on in one spot, doesn't mean the sun isn't shining a few feet to the left! Enjoy!



  1. Very nice...glad you recognize Who's 'handiwork' it is, too! Happy Valentine's Day!