Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Birthday Month

Birthdays are usually like cupcakes - short and sweet. Unless you and your husband's birthdays happen to fall 6 days apart (as is the case here). Then it feels like you are celebrating all month long, which is just what we did! Shortly following our trip to Taiwan, we rang in my 26th birthday (yes, I'm now on my way to "30 Town" folks!) with a night out at Margaritaville with some amazing friends.

Opening my gifts from Matt - some amazing lenses for the camera

Margaritaville is basically a big tropical themed party that comes around once a year - complete with cover charge, tropical attire, bottomless drinks, and a Beach Boys cover band. Okay, so the music wasn't the best part, but the rest of the night was pretty great! Everyone buys a ticket for the night, and once you arrive, they hand you one of those extra tall glasses with a straw that can be filled and refilled all night from the various bars offering Margaritas, Daquiris and Pina Coladas. They were even giving out 6-packs of Coronas! The drinks were great, but the food was delicious - they had station after station set up in an outdoor tent for you to pick and choose from. They all had people making the food right there in front of you - crab cakes, beef and pork skewers, pastas... so many more I can't remember! The dinner and desserts were both fantastic, but the best part of the night by far was our company - good friends really make everything in life better (and so does a gorgeous Michael Kors watch as a birthday present. Just saying... :)

Never a shortage of drinks

Matt and I

Nick & Amanda

Lyndsey & Andrez

My favorite Oki girls with our tall Margaritaville glasses

My new favorite watch (my only watch) - Thanks Lyndsey & Amanda!

Despite the lack of Margaritas and Beach Boy songs, we had a blast celebrating Matt's 27th birthday the following weekend (he's just on the outskirts of "30 Town"!). After exchanging gifts on Friday (Matt's actual birthday), we headed out to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner - Bollywood Dreams - on Saturday night . There to surprise him as we walked in were our amazing friends - all there to celebrate with us:) They really made his night!

Matt with his new toy - a fishing spear

at Bollywood Dreams - where the Indian Naan bread is twice the size of your head and comes on coat racks!

The birthday boy with some Indian Ice Cream

The guys

The girls:)

The conclusion to our birthday celebrations

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  1. Looks like you guys had a great couple weekends! The Margaritaville fest sounds like fun! Those drinks look yummy too! Love your new fancy watch.

  2. Glad you had a fun birthday celebration all to share with some good friends.