Saturday, May 21, 2011

Torch: Handmade Accessories

The way I feel about jewelry is the way I feel about traveling - it's not necessary to survive, but it makes life just a little bit more fun. We all have our favorite jewelry stores (at least us girls do), and mine in Okinawa is undoubtedly a small shop called Torch. This tiny boutique is located along the cobblestone streets of Depot Island, one of our newly developed shopping centers here in Okinawa, and it has a really charming vibe. Distressed wooden shelving, Wire bird cages and crystal lighting fixtures all add to the "shabby-chic" interior. Keeping with a naturalist vibe, their selection of jewelry displayed on tree branches and dress mannequins is very "boho-chic" - which I'm loving right now - utilizing different metals and a variety of natural stones.

The best part about Torch is that all of their jewelry is hand-made. You will often find the two young Okinawan women that run the store standing at the back counter creating unique pieces right there on the spot. Whenever I'm in the area, I usually take a peek into this store just to see the new earrings, necklaces and bracelets on display that they've made that week - to see two exact pieces is extremely rare!

Some shots of the interior:

I love searching for new treasures here!

My new favorite earrings:)

I love this little boutique - it's one of my favorite places on the island, and I know I'm going to miss it when we finally have to leave. But until then, happy shopping!


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  1. How Fun! If you continue to find new places like this, I may just have to come visit again. (I wish!)
    I love the taupe necklace you show along with your earrings.
    I've got a few similar jewelry girls who hand-make new pieces. (you may know Lori Bennett from MBC and the other is Dede in Wheaton.)
    Thanks for sharing again.