Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Miche-Miche Teahouse

There aren't many things more girly than a tea house, which is probably why Matt really won't be mentioned in this post at all! This particular tea house is tiny, hidden away on side "streets", and adorable inside - when my girlfriends and I heard about it, we HAD to go! Like most places in Okinawa, there is no address that could help us get there. You know... go toward the Toys R Us in Awase (yes, we have a Toys R Us here - bet you didn't know that!)... turn right down a side street... turn right again... if it looks like a residential area, you're in the right place!

The decor is pretty simplistic and modern, while at the same time being comfortable and welcoming. I love all the glass windows with greenery outside - it makes the tea house feel light and airy. Beside the fact that it makes me feel so girly to have a "tea party" with my girlfriends, this tiny restaurant actually has great tea, food, and desserts. We each ordered the "lunch set", which comes with your own pot of tea, a small salad, mini sandwiches (crusts removed, of course), fruit, mini pastries and a scone. We each chose an additional dessert as well from the large selection of gourmet options in their display counter - all of this for about Y1,300 yen (about $15 at our rapidly decreasing yen rate)!

Everything was absolutely delicious, and the girls who worked there were so sweet. I think my favorite part is the ambiance - so quiet and relaxed (I think it is a rather undiscovered place as of right now, because it was just us in there at the time) - we were able to stay and talk for hours! I pretty much never use the word, "delightful" to describe anything, but I think it fits Miche -Miche Tea house perfectly.
The entrance

Table flowers

I chose "English Breakfast" tea - it's a tea you mix cream into

The cutest dishes

Each of us got our own 2-tier trays with our sandwiches, fruit and pastries

My dessert of choice - a banana tarte with the most delicious meringue and caramel on top!

My awesome girlfriends:)

'Till next time!

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