Monday, September 5, 2011

Just Another Weekend in Paradise

When you first move to a new place, it's only natural to want to get out and see everything there is to see, but give it a couple years, and it's easy to get stuck in the "same old weekend" routine. Over the past few weeks, Matt and I have really been making an effort to get out and explore new things on the island. One might think that we've done all there is to do in Okinawa, but we actually do still have a rather large list of things we'd like to see and restaurants we'd like to try - which keeps this little blog going - so stay tuned! As for the past few weekends, we've quite literally just been hopping in the car and driving anywhere and everywhere! Here are some random snap-shots that I think document our latest weekend adventures pretty well:

Shell-hunting on a hidden beach Matt found - I want a whole jar of these little black and white ones!

Feeding goats

View of Ginowan - an area near where we live in Oki

Bear Donuts from Mister Donut

A natural spring we found


It's starting to become normal to see things like this when just driving down some of the side-streets here

Mutant Mosquito Bites - lesson learned: never leave home without bug spray (you never know where you'll end up)!

A really cool park we came across - this is a GIGANTIC steep, concrete slide! (aka - you won't be seeing this in America)

Cute little Japanese girl at the top - she was too scared to go down!

Looking down at Matt - this thing was massive!

Check out these tiny video clips of Matt going down this concrete slide:

A late afternoon view of the East China Sea

Main intersection in American Village

Some very interesting fish we saw on a dive at Bolo Point (they were doing some sort of weird "flicking" movement with their top fins... kind of hard to describe)

A random crab we found

A newer area of Naha we found with a cute little river walk

Us at sunset

Futenma Shrine Cave - our local shrine cave you might say - is right outside of Camp Foster where we live, and it is thirty seconds away from Futenma Air Station where Matt works. It's odd to see a shrine and a cave right off one of our main roads here, but there it is! You can see how close the entrance is to the road:

Inside the cave

Small garden in the back of the shrine

Area to wash your hands I think...

A view of Okinawa's lights and stars in the sky from the Sea Wall at night

Me at one of our favorite burger places: Jetta Burger in Depot Island

Okinawa by night

Thanks for following along on our adventures!


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  1. There are so many interesting things in this blog...from the great shells to the bear donuts, mutant bites (poor thing, Cortnie), to the slide (Matt seemed to master it) and crab! You look beautiful. Thanks for sharing... xo