Monday, September 26, 2011

The Two Year Mark

So, here we are again – another year down in Okinawa! I cannot believe it’s been two full years since we stepped off that plane and our lives were forever changed. Really, I’m not just being dramatic. Our lives really have changed. We’ve spent this past year enjoying life with good friends and exploring four more countries in Asia. We’ve seen and done things that most people never will. Our world views have been broadened to say the least. Okinawa no longer feels like a country we are visiting, (and I know our family back in the States isn’t going to like hearing this!) but it feels like home. Just like California grew on me in the couple of years we lived there, Okinawa feels the same only more.

What is so great about this island? The polite and humble Japanese people. The gorgeous turquoise ocean that never ceases to amaze me. The fun shopping at cute little stores in Depot Island. The delicious Crunchy Salmon Rolls at Sushi Zen. The adorable Japanese bakeries that seem to be on every corner. The random “roads” that take you on an adventure at every turn. The beautiful Cherry Blossoms in the spring. The fried rice and REAL ramen noodles. And my favorite – the incredible artwork in the sky we get to witness every time the sun sets – it is different every day, like nowhere else, and can only have been created by God Himself!

I know this island,I love this island, and I don’t want to leave it too soon…which brings me to my second piece of news – we are no longer leaving in September 2012! Our time out here living in Japan has been extended until August 2013 (when Matt will be separating from the Marine Corps entirely). No, I’m not joking – we will be living here until we are done in the military, and when we move back to the States, we get to live WHEREVER we want to! It will undoubtedly be a brand new concept to us as a married couple. At this time, we are both excited and nervous to separate from the Marine Corps and be regular civilians again, but fortunately,we don’t have to think about all that quite yet. I know this will be bittersweet news to some, but it really is a good thing. We have the rest of our lives to be in the States, we can continue to travel and spread out our trips a little more, we aren’t quite ready to have kids yet (sorry parents!), Matt can finish his degree without switching schools again, and we will get the most time possible with our friends out here!

Thank you all for keeping in touch with us these past two years through this blog! Our second year in Okinawa has been full of fun experiences, incredible travels, and amazing friends – we are so blessed. Here’s to (almost) two more!

Side Note: This is also my 100th blog post!!


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