Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tropical Dream Center

A place that’s been on my “To Do in Okinawa” list for awhile is the Tropical Dream Center up north in Nago. The ocean hasn’t been so nice these past couple of weekends, so Matt and I had to continue to explore the island in other ways. This botanical garden is actually part of Ocean Expo Park that includes the famous Churaumi Aquarium we’ve been to before. For some reason, we’ve always passed over the Tropical Dream Center, saving it for another day.

It’s hard to describe this place – I’d say it’s actually more than just a botanical garden. It is a garden amongst some interesting architecture, green houses, tropical fruit trees, scenic viewpoints, and lily pads the size of your coffee table! We didn’t spend all day there, but it was really a beautiful place to see, especially on the gorgeous day that we ended up going! You could hustle through the place in under 15 minutes if you wanted to, but being the photography fans we are, we spent a little longer there, playing around with our cameras.

- C


  1. I took my Mom there while she was visiting. What a cool place. I almost stole a chocolate tree to bring home... :)

  2. What fabulous photography! My favorite...Matt swimming with the fish.