Friday, October 7, 2011

The Lucky One

The other weekend, Matt and I made a new furry friend when we rescued a little kitten we found up in Onna Village. We were on our way to take our Pajero off-roading to test our our new Go-Pro action camera when what I perceived to be a squirrel, ran across the road in front of us. It ended up being a tiny little kitten - I should have known as there really aren't squirrels here in Okinawa! Anyway, we got out of our truck and she came right to us - meowing all the way. Side note: we still aren't 100 percent sure if the kitten is a he or she, but we believed she was a "she", so that's how I'll continue to refer to her!

This is right where we found her

She was the sweetest stray kitten I think I've met - she loved to be held and just wanted us to stay with her. Not to mention, she was pretty thin and obviously starving and dehydrated. At first, we decided not to take her from the area. We put her back in the bushes and went on our way. About four hours later, we were about to drive back home when we decided to see if she was still where we had left her. Even if we are not able to take care of her right now ourselves, we agreed that if she was still there, we would take her and find a home for her. It turns out, she was right where we had left her four hours prior! I didn't see her at first, but then I heard her little meow in the bushes.

Us rubbing her tummy on the drive home

I think this is my favorite pic:)

We ended up stopping at a Family Mart on the way home and buying her some sushi to eat (most spoiled kitten ever!) which she quickly devoured. Matt posted fliers around our tower when we got home with her, and lucky for her, a girl named Morgan called us within a couple of hours! Morgan and her husband live on the third floor of our tower and were specifically looking to adopt a kitten in need of a home. They had just adopted a little dog they found on the road as well. In fact, they even had food, a liter box and toys already set up for a cat - I think this was meant to be!

The box we had her in at home before Morgan called - she's sooo tiny!

Wanting Matt to share his noodles with her

The couple that now owns our kitten is really nice and said we are welcome to come see her whenever we want to. Matt and I stopped over the next day to see how she was adjusting, and I have to say, it looked like she had lived there her whole life! She was super comfortable there, she has a new best friend (their little dog), and you can tell she really loves her new owners. Although I'll admit I miss the kitten a little bit, I feel good because I know we did a good thing by helping this little kitten find a great home. It was a happy ending for all of them... and she's only two floors away from me!



  1. Awwww she is precious! You have uber-positive karma coming your way for saving that lil baby. :)

  2. ^ What she said! She's precious and I'm glad there are people like you who will go out of their way to care for another life.

  3. She is adorable. It sure sounds like destiny to cool!