Friday, October 14, 2011

Favorite Eats & Treats

Okinawa may not have an In-and-Out Burger, A Jamba Juice, a Krispy Kreme, a Cold Stone Creamery, or a Lou Malnatti’s, but it definitely doesn’t have a lack of good food! Here are fourteen of my Japanese favorites!

1 - Crunchy Salmon Roll at Sushi Zen – there is a reason this is number one on my list! Fresh ingredients, just the right amount of salmon, crunchiness, and incredible spicy sauce!

2 - Okinawan “limeade” - sold in most vending machines or Family Marts

3 - Mister Donut Classic Donuts – they are so light and have a honey taste to them

4 - The Sparky Burger at Captain Kangaroo – Beef, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Deep Fried Onions & a sauce to-die-for – my mouth is literally watering!

5 - Beer Pretz – pretzel-like snacks that taste like beer – pretty self explanatory!

6 - Mint Chocolate Waffle Dessert – one of my favorite desserts, this is a wafer waffle with mint ice cream and cookie crumbles inside. The cookie crumbles taste EXACTLY like Girlscout Thin Mint cookies! Unfortunately, we’ve only been able to find this dessert at one Family Mart down in Naha!

7 - Japanese House Salad at Sushi Zen – the veggies are so fresh, but that dressing – I could just drink it up like soup I love it so much!

8 - Macha Ryo Iri Kucha – very strong Japanese Green tea. They serve it at a sushi-go-round restaurant that we go to. The waitress wrote down the name for me and told me where to buy it!

9 - Cream Collon – one of my favorite Japanese cream-filled treats:)

10 - Edamame – I know they sell these in the States as well, but its only been since living here that I’ve really gotten into them

11 - Coconut Milk Bubble Tea – Refreshing, creamy deliciousness served with a thick straw!

12 - Sugar Cane Ice Cream – This is the best flavor! I love it in regular or soft serve!

13 - White Miso Soup with Ramen – on a cooler or rainy day, this is fresh and delicious (favorite place is the “Ramen Place” inside SEGA – don’t know the actual name, of course!)

14 - Sea Salt Chinsuko Cookies – Although these Okinawan cookies are apparently known to be super fattening (the ingredients are lard, sugar and flour! Ew!)they are soooo good! They are similar to shortbread cookies in a rectangular shape with zig-zag edges. They come in all sorts of flavors, but my favorite is Sea Salt!

How did I ever go through life NOT knowing about these amazing things??



  1. They have the waffle dessert at the Family Mart in Onna Village, if you are going North on 58 it is y=on your right just before the big ANA hotel across from a small port. :)

  2. Cortnie, for as thin as you are, you certainly seem to have an obsession for food! Love U

  3. Cortnie,
    I just found your blog and I love it and so will my daughter, Nikki (12) who loves everything Japan!
    All your choices look amazing, but I was wondering, how does one eat that awesome looking burger?

  4. Wow Cortnie! I can't believe you get to live in Japan! I can't imagine getting to see new places, things and people each day that are so different from how we live in the U.S. I REALLY want to visit Japan this Summer, like, really bad!

  5. Hi Luanne & Nikki! I'm glad you found it:) We really love it here, and we're going to miss so many things about it when we leave. The ocean, food and people are amazing - they are the nicest people we've met in Asia. We've done a lot of traveling, and by the end of each trip, we can't wait to get back to our sweet Japanese people! We just got extended here, though, so we won't be leaving until Matt is out of the Marine Corps in May 2013. Oh, and that burger is delicious... it kind of falls apart when you eat it, though, but still delicious!