Friday, July 6, 2012

The Fourth

Matt and I had a mellow 4th of July this year.  It may not have involved Jet-ski's as in previous years, but it was fun nonetheless.  First of all, we got to be a little lazy and sleep in on our day off, which is always great.  We ended up at the scuba shop, where Matt purchased a new regulator (fancy dive equipment) that he'd been saving for since his birthday.  I also have some new gear of my own that I've yet to use, so we headed for the Seawall for a nice, easy dive to test it all out.  The day was HOT and gorgeous - it was the perfect 4th of July weather:) 

After our dive, we headed to a little nearby restaurant that we have been wanting to try out, called Ishigaki Kitchen.  They are sort of a bakery/burger joint that specializes in both bread & Ishigaki Beef, making both their burgers and buns REALLY GOOD!  Matt and I had two different burgers, and agreed that the sauce made them taste almost sweet (in a good way).  It is a small place with a small menu, but the food was delicious - Okinawa officially has some of the best burgers ever:) 

Right before our dive at the Seawall - the tide was very low, so we had to walk out across that reef you can see behind us. 

Yumminess at Ishigaki Kitchen

After dinner, we headed to Toguchi Beach to take a walk.  The beach was super quiet with only a few other people on it, and we got there right in time for a really beautiful sunset.  Beside stopping at Starbucks on our way home for some dessert, that was pretty much our whole 4th of July this year - I told you it was mellow;)  Honestly, it was fun and relaxing all at the same time, and the perfect way to celebrate Independence Day.  Happy Birthday America!!

Path to Toguchi Beach



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