Thursday, July 12, 2012

Up, Up, and Away

Okinawa is really pretty to live on, but it is even more gorgeous from the sky. I had heard about other people taking aerial tours of Okinawa a couple of years ago, and I have been wanting to do it for ourselves ever since. Quite fortunately for us, our friend Nick is a pilot, and we got the opportunity to fly with him a couple of weekends ago. It was an absolutely gorgeous day outside, and we met up early to do some paperwork and get the plane ready. And by plane, I really mean small, tiny Cessna - the kind many people are frightened to fly in!  

Our ride

The take-off and landing were so much fun. The flight had it's bumpy spots, but overall was surprisingly smooth for such a tiny plane. The best parts were obviously the amazing views - we have flown over Okinawa before, but only on commercial planes that fly much higher. It was so cool to be able to see the island from a "birds-eye" view, but also be low enough to recognize everything, including some of our favorite dive spots. 

On the flightline

Check out this video clip of us taking off - you may have to fast forward a little bit to get to the actual taking off:)

Cape Zanpa - aka Bolo Point


West side of Okinawa (East China Sea)

So pretty

Look at that reef!

East Side of Okinawa (Pacific Ocean)


Tunnel on Miyagi Island

Coming in for the landing

This was an amazing experience!!  I am so grateful Matt and I got to do this while living here - it makes you appreciate Okinawa and how beautiful it is in a whole new way:)

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  1. Such beautiful photos. Great recording, too...I actually felt the motion sickness setting in! You two are so blessed to have such wonderful opportunities. Love you.