Monday, January 14, 2013

Oldies but Goodies

On one of the dreary winter weekends that we've had lately, Matt and I ventured into a nearby antique store that is right near our house.  We've passed it probably hundreds of times over the last 3 years but have never stopped to go in.  We didn't buy anything this day, and YES, it did have "that old smell", but it was actually a TON of fun for us to look up and down the aisles of old memorabilia!  This antique store sells American antiques mostly, not Japanese, so we were able to spot things over and over that we knew during our childhoods.  Some of the items were even older than us - things that our parents and even grandparents would have used.  How they got their hands on these things, I will never know!  The whole time, Matt and I kept saying, "I used to have this when I was a kid!" or, "my grandparents had this at their house!"  Most fun I've had in a store in a while!  I thought it was a pretty neat place, and here are some photos to share with you all (there would have been a TON more, but there were "no photos allowed"... oops!) 

Old champagne bottles

Illinois 1971

Cool perfume bottle

Hundreds of door knobs & keys

Very expensive Milk Glass

I feel like both of our parents used to own these casserole dishes!

Milk jugs

Original Ball Mason jars

All different old scales

Raggedy Ann dolls

Typewriter key box - each letter has it's own compartment!

I've always loved old things that aren't around anymore, so I had a ton of fun in this store.  Hope you enjoyed as well!


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  1. You really wonder where the corning ware and Illinois plates came from:)