Monday, January 7, 2013

Ushering in Another Year

I know this is a few days behind, but Matt and I didn't really do anything too noteworthy on New Year's Eve this year.  Beside eating at Bella Napoli, a local pizza place on the seawall, we ended up relaxing with some friends that live off-base, and then ringing in 2013 back at home, just the two of us (courtesy of our 11:00 curfew).  Although our night wasn't too spectacular, I am anxious to see what this new year will bring!  One thing is for certain - this is the year we will be separating from the Marine Corps and making the big move back to the good old United States - so, big changes are coming our way! 

Let's all take a moment to reflect back on the year that just passed:)  2012 was really an incredible year for us.  I got to travel to both Thailand (for the second time) as well as to India in the beginning of the year - Thailand is my favorite place I think, but India was such a new and unique experience for me, and I got to check the Taj Mahal off my "bucket list"!  In the spring, Matt and I finally traveled to mainland Japan to see more of the country we live in.  We spent a few days up in Tokyo, exploring the city, and another few days down in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan.  That trip was great, because we were able to see both sides of Japan - the busy city as well as the traditional temples.  Japanese Cherry Blossoms in the spring = GORGEOUS!  The beginning of summer brought our friend Andrez back from a deployment in Afghanistan, as well as my Dad from the States!  Despite some sketchy tropical weather here and there, he got to go diving, snorkeling, hiking, river trekking, site-seeing, and swimming in waterfalls with Matt and I out here in Okinawa for about a week and a half.    Another one of our goals was met this summer when we got the opportunity to fly back up to mainland Japan with all of our friends and climb Mt. Fuji.  Not super easy, but so glad we did it!!  2012 also brought our last big trip before we leave Okinawa - we spent an amazing week in Bali, which had all the best parts of Asia on one island - the ocean, the culture, the adventure, and the food!  For two people who love to travel the world, 2012 was a good year to say the least.  

Moving forward into 2013 (wow, that sounds so futuristic!), there are always a list of resolutions that I take on each year, such as: read at least two books a month, get to the gym at least 4 times a week, get more sleep, drink more water, etc., etc....  However, what I'd like to focus most of my time and energy on this year would be: 

Live simply, work hard, focus on God & enjoy the present.

Nothing is certain in life, but one thing is certain about the upcoming year: it is going to bring many big changes for Matt and I.  As much as I need to increase my water intake, I think these goals will prove themselves to be the most valuable for me in 2013.  

Happy New Year everyone!!

- C


  1. Hi guys, stunning pics!!! we´re heading to okinawa in may for 2 weeks with our baby twins (18 months then). When we see your pictures we jus can´t wait.

    any insider information you´d share for things to do?

    thank you
    family klippel (