Saturday, May 25, 2013

Springtime in Okinawa

Since it's been so rainy here in Okinawa these past couple of weeks, I thought I'd post some springtime photos that I took around the island right before we entered the rainy season.  To go right along with the  dreary weather, I haven't been feeling so well these past couple of weeks, so I'm hoping these will lift my spirits:)  Enjoy!

Field upon field of flowers

Some beautiful dishes found in Yomitan Pottery Village

Me working on some photos for my website

Shisa guarding someone's house

Hope your spring is looking bright!  Thank you for following!



  1. Beautiful flowers! You look gorgeous too! Sorry to read you've been feeling bad. Praying you are better!

  2. Beautiful as always...great the bicycle and archway shots. Feel better:)