Monday, June 3, 2013

Okinawa Yoho

I know this may not be any spectacular jungle, beach or waterfall, but there is one little place I have been wanting to visit for the past 3 1/2 years, and that is Okinawa Yoho (honey) shop.  After years of passing by this tiny shop with a bee on the sign, I finally made a quick stop in the other weekend while I was out running other errands.  Although quite tiny, the shop is fully stocked with a multitude of different honeys and honey products - all from either Okinawa or mainland Japan.  The only English to be found was on a few tiny little signs posted by each type of honey, describing what each honey's benefits were.  Some were good for your health, some were good for your skin, and some just tasted delicious - like the blueberry honey!  The young Okinawan girl who ran the shop was so sweet, and she instantly started feeding me sample upon sample of different honeys - DELICIOUS!  Their flavors make the regular honey from the grocery store taste... dull.  After our taste-test, we even attempted to have a real conversation about how long we've each lived in Okinawa and how much we love it here - all while utilizing her minimal English, and my even more minimal Japanese! 



  1. Cortnie,
    Do you have some directions you can share. my wife has been looking for Okinawan Honey for quite awhile.
    Thank you.
    Chris Dalton

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  3. SWEET addition to your Blog....:)
    love u