Thursday, June 20, 2013

Packing & Painting

After rolling spare change, painting our walls back to boring cream, final inspections, dozens of papers  being signed off on, and even more boxes and bags being packed, we are right back at the Westpac Lodge, in a room almost identical to the one we lived in for our first couple of weeks on Okinawa.  Throughout this process, I've learned that leaving Japan is MUCH more difficult that coming to Japan.  Matt has a huge check out list that requires a multitude of different signatures in order for us to leave this island, and we've been running around like crazy trying to accomplish everything.  In order for us to get our plane tickets, we had to get Matt's command to sign his check out sheet.  In order for the command to sign the sheet, we needed to get the Vehicle Registration Office to sign the sheet.  In order to get the Vehicle Registration Office to sign the sheet, we needed to sell both of our cars and get them transferred out of our names... and the list goes on, and on... 

Although there were some rocky days (ie. being woken up by the movers at 7:30 am when we weren't expecting them until 8:30 & rushing to the last minute to get all of our stuff out and clean every last inch of our apartment for our final inspection!), we were able to somehow get it all done by working together.  At this point, we only have 2 full days left living in Okinawa, and things are finally calming down a bit.  Our responsibilities after this point are pretty much limited to making sure we eat at all our favorite restaurants and getting to the airport on time.  I think we can do it.  

With the end of our time in Okinawa drawing near, the same is true for this blog.  Stay tuned for my final post as we say goodbye to our life overseas.



  1. Happy - Sad! You've got some years worth of memories in Okinawa. You certainly know how to put together a showpiece home fit for magazines. Looking forward to seeing your newly decorated home in America now! Oh...I see you sold both vehicles, also! And too bad we weren't there to help you with leaving! I know a great painter!

  2. Excellent always leave us wanting more.