Saturday, October 31, 2009

Let it Rain

Right before Matt and I purchased our Jet-Skis, we decided to take a drive to the east side of the island to check out the beaches there and see if we could find any boat ramps we would be able to use. We live on the west side of Okinawa, which is the East China Sea side. The east side of the island is the Pacific Ocean side. Just a fun fact:) We ended up crossing a bridge to another island and saw some amazing things there. Unfortunately, there was a slight tropical storm going on at the time, so our pictures aren't the best, but it was an incredible experience driving through the island and we will be back in better weather with our camera soon!

On the way out, we stopped at a restaurant/gift shop that was on the narrow strip of land that connected Okinawa to this other little island that we were headed to. We were basically out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and the winds were incredible!

A large map of Okinawa on a wall at the restaurant/gift shop we stopped at - click on the photo to open it up and get a bigger image to see where we were exactly:
Outside the restaurant (it was right on the water)

Check out this little video clip of how windy it was out there:

Some steak flavored chips that Matt got at the restaurant/gift shop

On the little island - it has river-like canals that run through it, and we want to Jet-Ski through here once we get our licenses:)

I felt like we were driving through Jurassic Park
On a skinny road right along the ocean

A cool tunnel

A cool house we saw on the cliff-side

I hope to get to show you some photos of this island when it's dry outside! Wish us luck getting Jet-Ski licenses!

Thanks for following & for all of your comments and questions:)


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  1. You are doing a wonderful job helping us visualize where you now call home! We can hear the wind during your tropical storm and that's amazing. "Oh...I love technology!" (sometimes, at least!) I am anxious to hear how your Coast Guard meeting went regarding your jet ski licensing? Love you! xo