Monday, October 12, 2009

Soup Soup

One restaurant we've discovered lately is Soup Soup. It's actually located within the second level of the Living Design Square that I talked about in my last post, however, I just thought it was such a fabulous little place that it deserved it's very own post! The menu boasts about 10 different kinds of soup (heaven for me!) with drinks and sides of rice or unlimited bread. As soon as they know you are American, the staff whips out a menu with English subtitles, which is always appreciated (I like to know what I'm consuming). I ended up getting a Meatball Glaze soup, while Matt chose a Japanese Curry option. They were both delicious, and the rice was the best white rice I've had so far! Matt also ended up getting a little dessert pastry, which looked like a little green powdered donut. When you bite into it, it tastes like uncooked dough filled with gooey stuff in the middle - not our favorite so far!

Despite what looks to be like a tiny cafe, Soup Soup is actually decently spacious and can accommodate quite a few guests. I love the ceiling height windows and wood floor that give it a loft-like feel. Being elevated onto the second floor also gives you that same illusion, and as you look out at the view while sipping your soup, you can't help but feel like you are in some hip little cafe in Japan - oh, right, you are! I'm also loving the feature wall that they have illuminated at night as well as the low, contemporary booths they have underneath it. I do love to eat at little "hole-in-the-wall" type places every now and again - some of them have the best food you can imagine! In general, however, half the experience of eating at a restaurant (for me) is the ambiance, and this place was perfectly done - simple and classy, yet interesting and unique. I'm also learning how the Japanese differ from Americans in the customer service department. They love to keep restaurants and stores looking clean and tidy, and they are just so much more courteous in general! I'm loving it! Back in California, one of my all-time favorite places to go to eat lunch was a little market called Mother's (or Mom's House for those of you who live in CA). Anyone can tell you that I always, ALWAYS got the same exact thing from Mother's, which was their Vegetable soup with a side of brown rice. I miss Mother's a lot, and while nothing will ever take its place, I think Soup Soup is going to become one of my new favorite places to grab a bite - I've been back twice this week so far!



  1. I love the decor. You're so great about taking so many pics & documenting everything so well! Are you carrying your Canon Rebel everywhere with you or just a point & shoot??? Miss you!

  2. Hey Bri! Thanks for the comments - I've been doing some w/ the Rebel, but mostly, we have another Canon that is between a regular point-and-shoot and a DSLR. It's the Canon G10 - small enough for your purse, but takes amazing pics and has most of the pro settings - great little camera! And, actually, if I forgot a camera all together and really wanted a pic, I would even use my Iphone Lol but that's only if its my only option! I miss you too! How is your photography going?