Thursday, October 22, 2009

Puppies and Kittens and Translations, Oh My!

Sometimes Matt and I just drive around to see what we find. This was one of those times. Who can resist a store with gigantic puppies and kittens on the exterior??! Just as anyone could have guessed, it was a Japanese pet store - a two-story pet store with puppies on the first floor and kittens on the second. Although the pets were expensive (most were upward of $800), you could tell they went to great lengths to keep the animals healthy. Some of the puppies were in cages behind glass along the wall like we're used to seeing in America, while others were in open pens on the floor. Beside getting to hold one of the most adorable puppies I've ever seen, the most fun was seeing all of the signs that the Japanese had translated into English, or should I say, tried to translate into English? Either way, I think it's nice of the Japanese people to even put the effort into translating for us Americans. I wish I could say more about our little visit to the pet store, but I think the pictures will tell a better story...

Ahhhhhhh!! His eyes are looking two different directions!

Cute puppy. Odd translation.

LOVE him:)

Me holding the most adorable puppy in the world. He was such a cuddler!

This is Muffin. She's my favorite.


Kittens playing

This cat had flat ears

Matt and I could not stop laughing about this translation:

If you are having trouble reading the sign above, let me relay what it says exactly:

"It is a cat that ended the vaccine twice. The frequency of vaccine is different depending on the cat. The shaking is a loved cat. Please take care about the skirt of the strap and the dress. Occasionally, a wonderful cat punch might be drawn out. Please note it. Please multiply the voice by the staff when you want to hold the cat."

And this is what we think this sign is trying to tell us:

(Something about cats on medicine...we're not sure) "...Please be careful about skirts and straps on clothing. Sometimes, a cat might try to catch it with his paw. Please let the staff know if you want to hold a cat."

Who doesn't love fun translations like that? We were literally laughing the whole way home:)



  1. precious! I read this at my desk while eating lunch at work. I laughed so hard at their translation, my co-workers came to read your blog as well. Thanks for sharing. Do they charge the same for a puppy as they do a kitten? So-which one did you get? jk-I guess you got a few water loving mechanical 'babies' instead, right? Love you both! xo

  2. Finally figured this out...your instructions were good.
    Great blog...well written and fun, easy to follow.
    Loved the sign/translation!
    Cat w/flat ears is one of my favorite breed...Scottish Fold. The puppy you're holding is adorable. Can you have cats in your tower? Love to you both.

  3. I know, we love all of their "translations" they have here:) No, we're not aloud to have dogs, cats or bunnies in our tower - they are not even aloud in the building at any time! But, I'm sure a few people have cats or maybe bunnies - dogs not so much.

  4. will have to get one of those Scottish Folds!