Saturday, December 22, 2012

Chikyu Zakka Warehouse


It seems like lately I've been finding quite a few new places that I never knew about before, and Chikyu Zakka Warehouse is one of them.  I had heard about this store before, but didn't know exactly where it was located.  I drove up to the area and found it, despite some detours as I turned off the main road a bit too soon.  Chikyu Zakka, which literally means "planet earth goods" in Japanese, is just what it says - a warehouse full of goods from all over the world, mainly India and different parts of Asia, much like the gift shops we have here on our bases.  In fact, I saw quite a few things at Chikyu Zakka that I've also seen at our gift shops, however, this store is much, much larger!  


Acacia wood serving plates

Multi-colored benches and boxes that reminded me of the reclaimed wood furniture pieces I saw in India

Hide rugs

Saa paper from Thailand

Pretty knobs that remind me of Anthropologie

Thai Buddha heads

Two little pieces that I scooped up from Chikyu Zakka - an Acacia cutting board and an Indian wood-blocked table runner

I really enjoyed browsing around this place - they have a TON more that I didn't show!  


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