Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Motobu Fuji

As if we, along with our four closest friends in Okinawa, didn't get enough mountain climbing fun earlier this year when we all flew up to Tokyo to climb the real Mt. Fuji, we all decided to spend a beautiful winter day in Okinawa climbing what is known as "Motobu Fuji", a (MUCH) smaller version of the real thing.  I have to say, although not a very long hike at all (I'd say it took us all of 40 minutes to get to the top), it was a little more steep, slippery and sharper  than I'd imagined it to be.  We were definitely slipping and sliding around a bit, and the rocks were that razor-like limestone that we have all over the place here in Okinawa, so I should have been prepared:)   

What we had to climb up - it is sharper than it looks!

After making it to the top, we all spent a while up there, resting, taking photos, and enjoying the company of good friends as well as the gorgeous views of the Motobu peninsula and Ie-shima (Ie Island) in the distance.  What a gorgeous day this was; I can hardly believe this is mid-December!   

Love these girls!

'Till next time!  


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