Friday, April 13, 2012

Bike Ride Through the Big City

There is a freedom that comes with riding a bike.  You can go almost everywhere you could if you were on foot, you don't have to follow any rules that you would if you were in a car, there's no sitting in traffic, and you can cover a lot of ground quickly.  We've been riding bikes a lot lately, and it's becoming one of my favorite ways to see the areas where we live.  Big bike fans here:)

On this beautiful Friday, we decided to get our weekend started early and take the bikes down to Naha for an all-day ride.  We've done this before, but we wanted to make it a point to find a few places in the city that we'd never been to before.  First stop on the list was Fukushen Garden, a (you guessed it) garden right in the middle of downtown Naha.  It isn't too big, but it is a serene escape from the business of the city with lots of flowers, pagodas and ponds.  

After Fukushen Garden, Matt and I rode our bikes all the way up to Shuri Castle, which is an uphill battle all the way!  We have been to Shuri-jo before, but making it all the way up there and back was a goal of our's, and the gardens that surround the castle are pretty for riding around.  

Matt and his duck friends

Next was our fun ride down from the castle - much more enjoyable than the way up! 

I liked this fun Shisa Dog sign I saw on the way down - I actually noticed them all around Naha that day.

Matt with his Go-pro camera mounted to his head (so cool ;)

Check out this video clip Matt took with his Go-pro riding around the marketplace on Kokusai Street:

Big Shisa in Downtown Naha

Cruise ship that was docked in Naha Port

Yes, we rode our bikes over this bridge!

Another place we've never been to before: The Naha Fish Market

Yes, fish eyes

More adventures to come!

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