Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sunset on the Seawall

As Matt was recovering from shoulder surgery, we had to limit our outdoor activities somewhat.  Like this night where we took a walk along the seawall at sunset.  I know Matt was wishing he was actually IN the water diving, but he had to settle for taking photos of the water instead:)
It was a beautiful night with a pretty sunset and bright lights from all of the bars and restaurants along the seawall!  Check out some of our photos from one of my favorite places on Okinawa!

Definately going to miss this place someday!


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  1. Thank you so much for posting such spectacular photos of Okinawa. My family was there from 2005-2009. We moved to Oki with two kids and left with four. Needless to say, we missed out on a lot of fun exploring. We still enjoyed our time on the island immensely and even after being away for nearly 4 years, I miss it every single day. We hope and pray that we can go back now that the children are a little older so that we can experience some of the adventures you have.