Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Seven Years!!

Has it really been seven years??  It has!  Although I feel like the past seven years of marriage have gone super fast, if I stop to think about it, it really hasn't!  So many things in our lives have changed and we've done SO many things in that time... things I never even thought possible!  I guess that's the magic of marrying into the military.  Matt and I have been through a lot of life changes and experiences together that have forever changed us, and I wouldn't change one minute of the past seven years;)

For our anniversary, we made reservations at a restaurant Matt and I had never been together - Bian.  It is a stylish restaurant up on a hill-top, overlooking the East coast of the island.  The large windows offer beautiful views of the Okinawan city lights, and all of the tables along the windows have private little rooms.  The menu is a modern mix of Okinawan food, and instead of one main course, Matt and I ordered a bunch of smaller items and shared them all.  Delicious:)

Our view


Delicious Skewers

Me & my yummy Salty Dog

Stuffed mushrooms

Us at our private little table

We had a great night celebrating our seven years!  Here's to many more:)


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  1. How wonderful to celebrate marriage! Especially a 7 year anniversary! Time flies...and may you continue to have fun and be blessed! Congratulations again and Love to you both! xo