Sunday, April 15, 2012

Snow Lagoon

"A southern paradise in the heart of Coral Island Okinawa, comes a delicious ice cream that would put a smile in everyone's face.  Snow Lagoon Ice Cream brings a different experience.  The only ice cream paradise in the world that would make everyone feel like its snowing." 

So, this is a little shop that we pass every time we drive down south on the island, and every time I have to point it out!  After living here for over 2 1/2 years now, we finally made a trip here.  Snow Lagoon is an Ice Cafe that serves ice cream here in Okinawa, and the quote above is how they describe themselves.  I'm not quite sure if I felt like it was snowing in there, but it did have a really cold ice room and some very refreshing ice cream! 


See - they put it right on their door!

A bunch of flavors that are different from our usual ones at our local Blue Seal

Mine was more like a sorbet (I got raspberry and mango) but it was perfect!

Matt's was more of a sundae with a cup of milk to pour on top?  Note the cornflakes on the bottom (classic Okinawa for you)

The ice room

Obviously, it wasn't quite -25 degrees (I think they keep in colder in the hot summer months)

It was still freezing, and I couldn't stand being in there for longer than a minute, even with the borrowed jacket

Thank you all for following!

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